Discover Essande

Singular leather goods

Founded by Françoise Perrier, the Essande project was born out of a desire to create unique and elegant pieces of leather goods, which can accompany everyday life, whatever the occasion, the time of day, the day and the place where we are going.

Harmonious-sounding entity

Built around the word Essence, which is identical in French and English, then associated with the English conjunction “and” to evoke openness, the “and more again”, Essande is a association of culture which forms an entity with harmonious sound, in a nod to the origins of Françoise who is Franco-American.

Essande Collection

The first Essande collection will offer different models of bags (tote bag, body cross, tote, handbag), pouches and in a more or less near future will also offer a line of accessories and textiles (Hoodies, T-shirt, Sweatshirts …) and dog accessories (collars, leashes)

Designing and producing the collection

First collection

The first bag in the collection is the Sacha bag, created several years ago in New York. This bag is mainly made of felt and leather, two essential elements of the collection.

The wool felt

Noble material par excellence, wool felt has always been used by the biggest names in Luxury for its enhancing and comfortable appearance but also now for its natural properties.

The felts used are made from 100% merino wool fibers from South Africa, the most fine and silky used for this application and which is made in France.

Goat leather

Our leathers are twisted goat leathers. Tanned exclusively based on vegetable tannins, the leathers benefit from different finishes according to the various fields of application for which they are intended; leather goods, bookbinding, footwear and even decoration.

Goats for leather goods have a natural and supple feel. These are full-grain leathers whose finishes meet the manufacturing standards of the most demanding customers.

The collections are renewed twice a year during presentations at various international fashion shows.

Noble quality leathers, on different supports and for various applications, they are worked according to an ancestral artisanal process whose know-how is recognized and benefits from the Label Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.